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Trent Cunningham, 
Agency Coach & Licensed Agent


With over 10 years in the financial and retirement planning industry, Trent’s primary focus is to help families retire with the dignity and comfort they started their careers with. He is a thorough educator of the 4 key elements necessary for a secure well rounded retirement. He is constantly praised, by his clients, for how he simplified and educated on topics his clients weren’t aware of before meeting him. He takes the extra time needed to educate and help clients understand the process. Trent goes above and beyond to create a personalized strategy for each client.

Trent has his degree in Computer Science from University of Maryland, worked in several government facilities setting up database networks. Managed a team of people. Worked in the telecommunications and mortgage industry prior to transitioning to financial and retirement planning. He finds it very rewarding to protect families from any unforeseen life & health problems and be able to tell a client they can retire and not have to worry about a loss of income in retirement.

He’s licensed in PA, DE, MD, DC and VA.


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