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Join Alto Financial Group now to enjoy our proven system, proprietary marketing programs, unparalleled training & competitive compensation. 

At Alto Financial Group, we enable career success by providing opportunities to thrive. We foster an inclusive environment and embrace a shared set of core values based on character, competitive spirit, relationships, and giving back to the communities where we live and work.

The strengths of Alto's unique system include: 

  • Our system is NOT Multi-Level Marketing, all agents are direct to their Agency Owner until they are ready to form their own Agency.    
  • We help agents become Agency Owners (if they choose to) and help Agency Owners build a thriving business
  • Not every agent wants to lead an Agency, if an agent chooses to focus solely on personal production, we help them meet their goals. 
  • We don't encourage our agents to recruit new agents until they are ready to mentor and train them, usually when they are ready to become Agency Owners themselves. 
  • We don't teach our agents or advisors to sell, we show them how to serve
  • We provide diverse market opportunities to our agents to allow them to focus on the niche that best meets their talents and goals. 
  • We provide significant subsidies on marketing and lead programs to our agents. 
  • We strive to provide an "over-the-top" service to our clients, and our agent & advisor partners.
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Who We Are

What started as a small family owned agency has grown into a nationwide IMO with a family of agency owners and their teams. Alto means to “Lift Up“ in Latin. Our mission is to lift-up, or elevate, the lives of all of our clients and our agents & advisors every day. Our goal is to provide an over-the-top customer service experience for all our clients. This is a business built on trust with our clients to create long-term relationships.

As part of Alto Financial Group’s network of agents and financial advisors you have joined a group that believes in:

  • Quality over Quantity - We are selective on who we accept to be part of Alto
  • Continuous Education - when you stop learning you stop improving
  • A Team Environment - our team works together to help educate each other and to provide our clients with superior

What We Do

The driving force of everything we do is education. We don’t “sell” certain products but instead provide education and clarity on a client’s full retirement picture including all things that could affect them retiring with the dignity and comfort they deserve.

Our job is to present the facts about the different tools and strategies our clients can use to get from where they are, to where they want to go.

Through our wide range of Annuity & Life Insurance products and investment management services, we are able to help our clients achieve their financial goals at every stage of life.


 Why Work with Us

A proven system for agency building focused on training, professional development, and a supportive team environment.

  • Marketing - We have multiple avenues to expand the reach of your agency including, proprietary marketing programs designed to assist all agents ranging from the expert senior producer to the newest agent.
  • Supported Growth - Corporate recruiting programs to assist agency owners with attracting and hiring financial professionals nationwide. 
  • Training & Mentorship - Alto has created their own University, a comprehensive training program paired with daily/ weekly support from their mentor all throughout their career. See Alto University
  • Key Partnerships - A robust offering of carriers representing all of the highest rated life insurance and annuity carriers as well as a broker/dealer and registered investment advisor partnership.  See Our Carriers
  • Technology - State of the art tech stack including HubSpot CRM, Monday.com, Slack & Google Workplace, including no administrative fees!

Access to Niche Markets 

Public Sector Employee Retirement Planning - Traditionally, public sector employees’ retirement plan was solely dependent on their public pension. Today, many public pensions are underfunded and are shrinking to meet their obligations.  The number of public sector employees continues to rise while traditional pension benefits continue to fall leaving a significant gap in employees retirement income.  Our agents and advisors have access to extensive training and marketing programs for the public sector retirement planning niche including educational, state & municipal government, and federal employee markets. 

Retirement Income Planning - Baby Boomers are retiring every day and need our help preparing for their retirement to ensure their retirement savings last their entire lives.   Our agents and advisors have access to extensive training, support and marketing opportunities to help educate and assist this massive market opportunity. 

Workplace Benefits - We have innovative and unique workplace benefit products and programs that can help you stand out from the competition if you choose to focus on the the B2B market niche with your business clients. 

Life Insurance Telesales - Our agents and advisors have access to on demand life insurance telesales marketing programs which can help the newer agent learn the business while helping clients who are asking for our help and generating revenue for your business as you enter the industry. 


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See What our Agents Say About Working with Alto Financial Group


Over the years I have looked into several different companies.  The companies would recruit as many people as they could, give them minimal training and see who could make it.  In order to get clients, I either had to talk to all of my friends and family and begin getting referrals, or pay a ton of money for non-exclusive leads.  In both types of business models, there was a high failure rate.  I could not afford to fail if I was going to join the insurance industry.

Overall, I see that Alto is making a significant investment in my success.  My coach and mentor, is doing all he can to help me learn the business and improve my skills.  His feedback and coaching are invaluable.  The huddles and training sessions help everyone get better.  The overall culture seems very conducive to helping our agents and agency owners achieve and maintain a level of excellence that I haven't seen in other places.



From the moment I joined Alto, I was struck by the sense of purpose that permeates the organization. The company is committed to improving the lives of clients as well as first-class training for all agents. The leadership team along with Alto University gives all the agents the feeling that not only they can be successful, but more importantly, the determination to do what is right for the client. And this mission is evident in everything that they do.


After bouncing around many different IMO's I found my home with Alto FG. Their leadership and training platform are 2nd to none. The "family feel" is felt in every training and meeting that they hold. The managing partners have a heart to serve others and to see ALL of their agents succeed and have a better life for their family. I really got a great feeling from day one that everyone is here to help and assist agents in any way that they can. New agents are not just thrown into the field without the proper preparation work to make sure they are successful. Alto Financial Group puts the client and the agent above themselves. If you are looking for a place to call home where you will be fed on a weekly basis and have unmatched training available, I highly recommend Alto Financial Group for your new forever home.


Alto Financial Group is an organization that thoroughly prepares agents to properly serve their clients. When agents can receive consistent, regimented training that scales up as the agent advances in their financial services career it creates a healthy environment and opportunity for growth. Well serviced professionals = Well serviced clients.


I would recommend Alto to any new agent. You don't find quality mentorship at all companies, with Alto you are not only mentored by one but by many with diverse styles of mentorship! Their training is the very best and you are never alone, they really put the team in team work. They have ongoing training and everything you need to know is right at your fingertips. Alto has truly put tremendous amount of time into making sure we as agents have what we need to succeed.


Alto Financial Group is the best IMO I have found.  I actually sought such an organization for four years.  Commissions are great.  Leadership is great. They are very approachable and cooperative. There is freedom to be yourself and develop your own business.  Alto Financial Group has clients rather than customers.


For 3 years I searched for a "home", someplace where the organization cared more about me, not just what I could produce.  The training and support are top notch.  Finally, I am in business FOR myself.....but not BY myself.


Alto Financial Group is truly a one of a kind of work place.  It is built by people who care about people.  Good things happen for the agents because the basis of business is to do the right thing for our clients.  The training system has proven over many times it creates great agents.  I have been in the financial industry over 25 years and I have finally found a home with all the priorities in the right place.  If you are looking for a place to grow a business, you cannot find a better home than Alto.


When I first started with Alto, I was coming off of Chemo/Radiation treatment, I wasn’t sure what the future held for me. I’ve been in a a lot of sales positions in my life. All usually compromising my beliefs in order to make a paycheck. I knew I liked our purpose is to serve others & the financial reward will come from the value I bring. Over time I struggled with my own personal work ethic but my partners/mentors/family was always there to support me and encourage me. Owning my own business is an inside job. But Alto’s business model is second to none. Just wish I found Alto Financial Group 30 years ago

(1) Our registered investment advisors are investment advisory representatives of Encompass More Asset Management LLC.   Encompass More Asset Management LLC is a registered investment adviser with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and only transacts business in states where it is properly registered, or is excluded or exempted from registration requirements.  Registration with the SEC does not imply a certain level of skill or training.  Investment products are not FDIC insured, offer no bank guarantee, and may lose value.  Alto Financial Group is not affiliated with Encompass More Asset Management LLC.  Encompass More Form CRS

Disclosures about earning commissions and rewards
Alto Financial Group and/or any of our independent agents do not guarantee any level of income. Every agent’s success in earning Commissions will depend on his or her efforts, abilities, and circumstances. Financial success with Alto Financial Group requires dedication and diligent effort. Those considering becoming an Agent should carefully consider their unique circumstances whenever setting any earned commission expectations, rather than relying upon testimonials of others or hypothetical examples. Agents only earn commission on the sale of products and services sold to Clients. For more detailed information ask to see our compensation plan for each product and/or service offered for sale.