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Larry Daniels, Partner

Larry Daniels began working with public employees in financial services in 2012. As a former public employee, he shares a unique first-hand experience of the lack of education received in the workplace. As a contract’s attorney for the largest municipality in New Jersey, Mr. Daniels worked as part of a team that negotiated contracts with major utility companies, managed public bid processes, and drafted legislation. He was often asked to audit the application of public bid formulas to ensure they were factored accurately and fairly. Mr. Daniels’ unique blend of legal and financial expertise has helped him craft everything from simple retirement plans to complicated mixed-strategy plans for his clients and their employers. Mr. Daniels received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Stockton University, prior to receiving his Juris Doctorate from the Drexel University School of Law. In addition to his current work in financial services, he serves in a variety of pro bono roles for several nonprofits in his role as an attorney. He is an Investment Advisor Representative, offering advisory services through Verity Asset Management [Registered Investment Adviser]. Verity Asset Management is not affiliated with Alto Financial Group. Larry maintains his life insurance licenses in New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Michigan, Louisiana, Texas and Georgia.

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What a few of Larry's clients have said...

Mark & Laura A.

"Our experience with Alto Financial Group and our financial professional Larry Daniels has been incredibly positive, helpful, and reassuring. 
From our first conversation, we felt comfortable with Larry. We had spoken with a few advisors who represented other companies and didn’t feel like it was the right fit for us. But when we spoke with Larry from Alto Financial Group, we quickly felt we could trust him, that he was looking out for OUR interests and that he was striving to find the right products that met our needs. We have never felt pressured to purchase anything, and we have always felt that he was on our side. 
A financial professional is more than a business associate. For us, to be most effective as our financial professional, he or she must have enough of a relationship with us to truly know our values, priorities, and desires for our future. Only then is it possible to truly have OUR best interests in mind. Larry has taken the time in our conversations to know not only our financial picture but also our lives, our family, and our values. 
We highly recommend Larry Daniels as a financial professional, and Alto Financial Group whom he represents!"

The P. Family

To whom it may concern, 
The purpose of this email is to express my my sincere appreciation and respect for Larry Daniels . Last  year was a very difficult year for my family . We lost my Dad , and it was completely unexpected. My father left no Will , which made matters worse, because I had no idea where to begin and I needed to help my mom. I was lost and grieving . My father handled everything and now It was all left for us to figure out .
I reached out to Mr Daniels seeking help , and he literally walked us through  every step, and scenario and made sure we fully understood what to do and how to allocate my fathers assets .  It is Mr Daniels caring personality and professionalism that made it easy for us to trust him and he has become family to us . His professional advice and knowledge is a huge asset to all , especially to someone like myself that has zero understanding.
We are blessed to have Mr Daniels be a part  of our lives and knowing that our family’s finances are being well managed is a huge relief and we trust and know that he is always looking out for our best interest . Lastly, I could have never done it on my own . Mr Daniels is one of the most honest , caring and God fearing men I have come to know besides my Father .