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Jamie Roth


Mr. Roth has been helping families in the financial services realm since 2013. He is passionate about assisting his clients in all aspects of retirement planning such as State pension, social security, voluntary retirement accounts and life insurance. He takes pride in patiently educating his clients in the crazy world of retirement planning. His goal is to explain retirement planning in a clear, easy to understand way so that his clients can make a well-educated decision for their future. Jamie resides in Adams County, PA with his wife Kristin and their 5 boys.

He currently holds his state licenses in PA, MD, VA, OH, GA, DE, and MN.  

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Anna G.

“I highly recommend agent, Jamie Roth, for his assistance with retirement planning.  He was extremely thorough in collecting information and explaining a variety of situations that impacted my plan for retirement.  Additionally, he recognized my unique needs and wants for my family and continuously advocated for the services I needed to prepare my family for my upcoming retirement.  I appreciate his patience and encouraging approach to developing a plan that will not only take care of me during my retirement years, but my children in the years to come.  Jamie is very knowledgeable about the pension options in Maryland as well as available services we could set up for my family.  I am more than prepared to move forward with my retirement plans.  THANK YOU Jamie!"

Comitia W.

"I can't express how grateful I am to have met Jamie to discuss my financial needs regarding retirement. I was so impressed that I referred my 23-year-old daughter Mikaylah to speak to Jamie regarding her financial future.  Jamie is amazing!!! When you can find someone who is knowledgeable AND compassionate, that is a rarity in this dispensation.  I would encourage you to please reach out to Jamie if you are pursuing direction on a delicate matter such as finances; trust me, you will not be disappointed."