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Gene Harris, Agency Owner

Gene has over 30 years of financial, entrepreneurship, service, management & customer relations experience helping clients. He specializes in helping people and families create the legacy they want and have the lifestyle they long for in retirement. He prides himself in providing over the top customer service by helping to educate his clients on their current plans as well as options for them. Mr. Harris is an active member of his community by being the HOA President for both the community and house associations along with being on the local private swim club board. He currently holds life insurance and annuity licenses in MD, PA, NJ, DE, WV, VA, DC, GA and TX. Mr. Harris resides in Montgomery County, Maryland, where he lives with his wife, Theresa, and his son Michael.


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What a few of Gene's clients have said...

Lisa M.

"During the pandemic I decided to make a change with my financial/retirement advisor. I wanted someone that met with me regularly and checked in to note any changes that may have occurred during the year. Gene Harris is knowledgeable about retirement planning. He checks in at least twice a year to learn of any financial changes that may have occurred or sets up an appointment to review my financial goals and retirement plans. I appreciate his genuine concern for my financial planning needs and setting me on the right path. My only regret is I didn’t start working with Gene sooner."

Eileen S.

"We cannot be more pleased with the service Gene Harris has provided us.  Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about financial planning, he is also extremely personable and easy to work with.  Gene handled all our financial and insurance needs with expert advice while keeping in mind what was personally best for us.  We cannot recommend Gene enough to take care of your needs; he is the epitome of professionalism and genuine caring."

Millette E.

"For many years, I thought I was on the right track as far as investing in a TSA to grow my money for retirement.  After about 20 years, it dawned on me to take a look at what I was doing and get a better understanding to see if I needed to redirect some things, of course I did not have any idea what I needed to do.  However, after looking at what I had, I knew the money was not growing fast enough and we may not be where we’d like to be during our retirement years.

I met Gene Harris in May of 2020, and he spoke to me about all the things he could help us with.  I was skeptical because I felt like I had been through this before, and I would get into something and not see Gene again until the next year.  He had several Zoom meetings with me to make sure that I was comfortable as well as explained how he could help us reach a goal that we had in mind.  We looked at a retirement analysis and he pointed out the difference in what I had to what was possible (of course, anytime I get to keep more of my money that makes me happy).  He wanted me to feel good about decisions and reassured me often that he would not disappear and he would be available to answer questions when I had them.  Between May 18 and June 18 when I actually signed with Gene, we had approximately 18 communication exchanges (most of them Zoom meetings).  Since that time, we have had many more communications, at night, in the early morning, after school; on my breaks at school…he has been available.

Gene has remained consistent and visible.  If there is a question he does not know, he says that and gets back with me.  He takes and returns phone calls and responds to emails, which assures me that “we really are in this together.”  He has helped us see the benefits of extending our portfolio to include products for our children, as well as our grandson.  I am so grateful that Gene took the time to explain things to us and also to provide us with up-to-date data and resources to compare so that we felt comfortable taking next steps based on his suggestions."