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Chelsea Dusi, Licensed Agent & Agency Owner

Chelsea Coleman has over 20 years of sales, service, and customer relations experience. Including 10 years in financial services and entrepreneurship. Her attention to detail provides Alto Financial Group with the support of a common purpose to help our agents and clients reach their financial goals. Miss Coleman has helped over 350 of her clients to customize their retirement solutions during her career with retirement, insurance, future planning, and more. She is also a fully dedicated CEO of her household, with the blessing of three beautiful children. Her family has been her # 1 team that drives her WHY. She is a loyal member of her community, active in service as a volunteer, and a proud member of the Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO). She maintains her life insurance licenses in PA, OH, MI, SC, NC, IL, TN.

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What a Few of Chelsea's clients said...

Karen G.

"I work for the -------- School District and will be retiring this year.  As an employee eligible for retirement our District sends out emails to staff letting them know that we can choose to have an advisor help us with details of what to do and how to do it.  In doing this I received an email with Chelsea’s name and many others.  Don’t know why I picked Chelsea, but it seemed like the right thing to do.  Boy let me tell you, I could not have picked a better person.  Chelsea has helped me every step of the way with things that I had no clue about.  I feel very comfortable now that I am retiring and I know everything is going to be just fine. 
Chelsea and I had zoom meetings.  I could ask her about anything and she knew exactly how to help me even if I didn’t use the correct words.  We have been working together for almost a year and I am truly glad and thankful for her.  I would highly recommend to anyone who needs help to choose Chelsea.  Her demeanor makes it a lot easier to talk to her and to feel comfortable, but most of all to believe what she is telling you.  She also helped me fill out forms correctly and let me know what would be best in my situation.  Also, she is flexible with times that she can meet with you.  There were numerous times I had to reschedule a zoom meeting because of my schedule.  She was more than willing to accept my issue and reschedule her time without any complaints.  I can’t thank her enough for being there and helping me.
 Go Chelsea and keep doing what you do.  People need you.  Thanks for everything!"

Tania W.

"I had consulted with Ms. Coleman (Chelsea) approximately a year before deciding to retire. Ms. Coleman is very knowledgeable and firm with the retirement process. She also demonstrated sensitivity and patience with me to ensure a fair and final outcome. Even after the retirement process was completed, Ms. Coleman continues, on occasion, to "check in" on how things are going. I recommended her to my friends and family. She is a "Class A" act!"

Tracy F.

"It has been a pleasure to work with Chelsea Coleman over these past few years.  As a person who knew nothing about investing, I gained a lot of knowledge and understanding while working with Chelsea.  Chelsea is very professional and personable.  She is ALWAYS there to answer questions and to alleviate concerns.  I trust Chelsea and have referred others to her because of her knowledge, guidance, compassion, and dedication to her clients.  I appreciate the time she has taken to assist me on my journey to retirement and beyond."